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1. Do You Need Cash Fast?  2. Do You Own a Vehicle?  3. Do You Have 20 Minutes?

If you answered Yes to the questions above, and live anywhere in the upstate like Anderson SC, Greenville SC, or Spartanburg SC areas then a Loan Specialist from Instant Cash SC can Approve you for an Auto Title Loan at our Upstate South Carolina location at the Spartanburg.


Simply fill out the form below, and when you come into our office, you’ll be in and out in less than 30 minutes!


Why Choose a Title Loan with us?

For quick andeasy financing, Instant Cash Title Loans is the way to go! Instant Cash Title Loans is a locally owned title lender that knows your economic circumstances and guarantees you fast cash title loans in Greenville SC area. We treat you like our family and realize that the best relationships start with trust, and it is not something that you have to earn. Instant Cash Title Loans promises to do its best to offer the most money and the lowest payments in Upstate South Carolina.

 Instant Approval at our location and low monthly payment plans make Instant Cash a practical solution for almost anyone looking for title pawn near me in Spartanburg SC! Even in Anderson and Greenville, South Carolina, we can help with all of your fast cash needs. We can provide you with the money you need for all kinds of financial needs, such as getting car repairs fast, helping with those unexpected expenses like the high-power bill or medical prescriptions, and even for those long-awaited vacations. We can even buy out your existing title loan contract with another title loan company to give you a fresh start. In many cases, we can even loan more money, but we guarantee a better rate than your current title loan.

 Our main goal is to help you solve your financial needs quickly and easily. We have a group of title loan processors in Spartanburg SC, ready to help you make this process as fast and easy as possible! Whether you have good credit, no credit, bad credit, or are even in bankruptcy, we will assist you on a daily basis by offering youinstant title loans in Greenville SC on your car, truck, or SUV. Donot resort to using those payday loan companies in Greenville or Spartanburg area when getting it from Instant Cash is this much easy!

 The process is simple.All you need is to possess a car, truck, or SUV, a valid government ID, the South Carolina proof of income and a spare key. It’s that easy. Just give us a call in Spartanburg SC at 864-573-8887 and get started.

 And of course, you get to keep the car and we’ll give you the title back when you fulfill your title loan.

 We make repayment of your loan easy too! We can accept your payments by phone and mail, but we will love it in if you candrop by and hand the payment over in person after a nice conversation.

 So, don’t wait for banks, corporate finance companies, or even other title lenders to approve your loan. They may take days or even a few months, but we can have your cartitle loan Spartanburg approved in just a few minutes! Our loan approvals are done on site, and we do not check credit to give you the loan. This guarantees fast and easy title loan approval. With a title loan in Spartanburg SC from Instant Cash Title Loans, you won’t have to wait to tackle your life’s important expenses.

 We can start the auto title loan process in many different ways.You can begin online by sending us your information, give us a call, or stop by today in any of our shops in the Anderson or Spartanburg SC area.

And most importantly, we want you and your life to grow in every possible way!

Apply for a Title Loan on Your Car

The application process at Instant Cash for title loans Greenville SC is as simple as the loan itself. No complicated paperwork, no unnecessary jargons. We do not want you to go through any further trouble and our smiling executives will always be at hand to help you along the process.

All you need to do for fast Cash title loans Greenville SC at our center is to follow these few simple steps:

  • Arrive at Instant Cash with your clean car’s title, ID proof and a spare set of keys.
  • Allow us to inspect your car and determine its cash equivalent.
  • Sign the necessary documents to complete the process.
  • Walk out with the cash we give you.

You can also choose to transfer your existing title loan with our car title loan Spartanburg. We guarantee you that we will beat the interest rates you were offered there. We will buy out your liabilities, provide you with a fresh loan and give you an unforgettable professional experience.

So, let Instant Cash Title Loans be your partner and your financial guide. We are the best title pawn near me Spartanburg SC for a reason. It is time now that you find out why in person.